Innovation and creation never stop, ANKE shinned in CMEF 2020, ANKE had successfully attended the 83rd CMEF with the powerful anti-epidemic products.



The year of 2020 is a special year for us. Over 10 months, the global economy is severely affected by COVID-19. On the other hand, although we have to face the negative impact of the COVID-19, ANKE’s international business still has a significant growth compared to last year. In the golden autumn season, after the National Day and Mid-autumn Festival, ANKE set sail again, debuting at CMEF 2020, and restarting a new business journey.


CMEF, the grandest medical exhibition in China, also the most influential medical event in the Asia-Pacific region. In every year, CMEF attracts more than 7,000 medical device manufacturers/companies from more than 30 countries and regions around the world to participate in consecutive exhibitions,  and over 2,000 industry academic experts and corporate elites, as well as government procurement agencies, hospital buyers and distributor agents from more than 100 countries and regions around the world to have business exchange and communication. However, it is very regrettable that ANKE’s overseas agents and business partners could not visit CMEF on-site with ANKE’s team this time, so we sincerely take this opportunity to share this grand event with our dearest clients and friends by following review.

The review of wonderful on-site scene


This time, ANKE was adhering to the consistent simple and atmospheric style, the entire booth uses a white background, reflecting the overall appearance of our white-based products. The vehicle-mounted mobile CT and shelter CT, which played an important role in this COVID-19 epidemic period, were cleverly used in the booth design. At the beginning of this year, ANKE’s mobile CT and shelter CT had created extraordinary contributions during the COVID-19 epidemic period, and it effectively assisted domestic and overseas COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control.

In the first floor, we had presented a clinical image teaching zone, and a simulation area for the internal structure of a shelter CT. In the second floor, we prepared a comfort and elegant chatting room for our clients. ANKE not only provide the outstanding products, we also put our customers’ needs at the first place and keep the concept of providing quality service at first anytime.


The booth background & The stimulation of Mobile CT and Shelter CT



The clinical application teaching zone & chatting zone


The on-site booth reception review

The wonderful products’ presentation of exhibition

From 19th to 22nd October, ANKE’s booth had attracted a lot of audiences. The on-site product managers gave professional and detailed descriptions of the products, accompanied by on-site product videos and company introductions with shocking audio-visual effects. ANKE once again vigorously promoted our vehicle-mounted mobile CT and the newly launched 256 multi-slice CT-ANATOM S800 at this exhibition, also, ANKE's MRI star product-SuperMark 1.5T and other flagship products had been debuted again. In addition, ANKE also launched a new appearance of CT products of the Precision platform and the Fit platform.

In addition, the most worth mentioning among them is the wonderful appearance of ANATOM S800. At the beginning of 2020, ANATOM S800 had won the German IF design Award (one of the most authoritative awards in manufacturing/industrial field), also, it condenses ANKE’s most cutting-edge CT R&D technology in recent years. This 256multi-slice CT is one of ANKE’s CT family, condensing ANKE’s innovations and breakthroughs in the development of medical devices. ANATOM S800 (256-slice CT) focuses on precise imaging and full-process AI applications. It not only accurately restores every detail, but also fully reflects the brand mission of ANKE-the corporate philosophy of looking at every detail of life. The product integrates all functions in one, with visual perception positioning, wireless dual-mode control, intelligent auxiliary platform, extremely fast one-stop scanning, elastic energy spectrum imaging and new high-fidelity low-dose imaging.


ANATOM Precision Platform, ANATOM S Platform, ANATOM Fit Series (the compact design can be used in the Mobile CT and Shelter CT) and SuperMark 1.5T



The digital mammography system-ASR-4000, the digital DR system ASR-6850P, DENTOM CBCT and High-Pressure Injectors

With successful presence in the 83rd CMEF, all of ANKE’s staff sincerely thank all the support and concern of domestic and overseas customers. In the future, ANKE's pace of innovation and creation will not stop. As a pioneer in the medical industry and a guardian in the health field, ANKE wishes all the personnel in the same industry and all the epidemic fighters around the world to work together to conquer the difficulties of 2020 and overcome COVID-19 together!