Let’s keep the all the wonderful moments of 2020 in mind


The year of 2020 is almost close to the end, we believed we have had a meaningful year again. We has conquered a lot of difficulties, and also gained a lot.


Because of the COVID-19, the year of 2020 will destined to be a very special year for everyone. As a member of the guardian of human health, ANKE never stopped the practical actions in the epidemic year. On the other hand, although COVID-19 had created obstacles of ANKE’s overseas business development, but ANKE’s international sales and after-sales team still devote their passion our overseas market.


Let’s look back at ANKE’s 2020 annual record

At the beginning of the new year, an unexpected battle started. COVID-19 ravaged China under and unexpected circumstance without any preparation.

Wuhan, which is the center city in the middle part of China, also located in the center of entire China, had become pathogen transmission center. ANKE urgently arranged for local down payment engineers to be on standby the coustomers in Wuhan 24 hours a day.


On the other hand, under the unpredictable spread of the overseas epidemic situation, ANKE’s international sales team still went to Dubai and India to participate the Arab Health and IRIA Exhibition to develop overseas business.


In the Spring of 2020, with the active response of the Chinese government, the domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled. ANKE donated CT products to assist in protests in severely affected areas.


For the overseas sales and marketing, ANKE still actively adheres to overseas expansion and successfully participated in the PCR exhibition in the Philippines.


What's more fortunate is that ANKE's high-end 256-slice CT scanner won the German IF Industrial Design Award for Best Design, which is the highest honor in the manufacturing industry.


Also, same in Feburuary, ANKE released Shelter CT-“Tianzhou” as the emergency testing solution to fight againt the epidemic, and this solution had been widely used for many hosipitals.


In March, ANKE had released our new member-Mobile CT “Tianlu”. On 13rd of March, ANKE delievered a “Tianlu” mobile CT to Shenzhen Emergency Center.This means ANKE’s CT diagnosis has expanded from in-hospital inspection to pre-hospital inspection. Enabling emergency and first aid to complete scanning and triage in thr forst time, strenghthern the construction of hospital emergency system.


Except the domestic battlefield, ANKE’s international sales team had despatched sales staffs to support foreign business in Nigeria and Egypt. We tried our best to contribute our own power to fight against the global epidemic battlefield.


Unfortunately, in the late spring of 2020, COVID-19 has ravaged the world. People all over the world are caught in the upsurge of fighting the epidemic. ANKE continues to export our excellent products to help overseas friends detect the coronavirus. In this new wave global epedemic outbreak, Europe has become the center of a new wave of epidemic infections. ANKE provided AI workstations to greatly assist the accurate positioning and screening of CT. This feature has been highly phraised by Italian agents.


In Summer, the overseas epidemic continues to rise. ANKE never forget to fulfilling the national mission, it also shoulders the mission of the medical guardian of all mankind. Through ANKE’s overseas sales and after sales efforts, ANKE refreshed new record in Africa. The first ANKE CT had installed in Nigera.


Except Africa, ANKE also successfully exported the Shelter CT-“Tianzhou” to Kazakhstan, assisting the COVID-19 battlefiled with Kazakh people together.


Half a year has passed, and the flames of the epidemic have continued, which also blocked our contact with the outside world. However, we have not stopped the pace of communicating with the external. In midsummer, ANKE successfully participated in the first international overseas exhibition-ECR Online Exhibition.


After half a year of silence, ANKE strives to devote time and experience to product improvement and research and development. In the golden autumn of October, ANKE lived up to expectations, bringing a variety of star products and blockbuster new products to CMEF, and achieved a complete victory at the 83rd CMEF exhibition.


In the following days, ANKE did not slow down its aggressive pace. We continue to advance with the times in the post-epidemic era, seize the opportunities of the epidemic to medical devices, and continue to push products to new heights. In November, ANKE CT family added a new member-ANATOM Precision.


At the same time, after nearly a whole year of hard work, the company has completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Series B financing, paving the way for the company's development to a bright future.


At the end of the year, ANKE continued to accumulate, and successfully launched the super star, high-end 256-slice CT scanner-ANATOM S800. This new product of the masters has been receiving a lot of attention since it won the award at the beginning of the year. This will surely be an important weapon for ANKE to expand overseas markets and dominate the domestic market next year.


In addition, ANKE successfully attended the largest annual radiological conference-RSNA online exhibition.


The year 2020 will become the past. Let us remember the glorious achievements and bad memories that ANKE has achieved throughout the year. This is a very special and meaningful year. As the new year is approaching, all employees of ANKE would like to express their most sincere gratitude to the domestic and international customers who have always supported us, as well as the customer service staff and overseas stationed colleagues who still stick to the frontline positions. In the new year, I wish everyone good health and good luck.

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