ANKE refreshed a new record in Africa



In recent years, driven by the “Belt and Road Initiative” cooperation, China-Africa connectivity has accelerated. There are numerous major projects under the “Belt and Road Initiative” framework, which have played an important role in promoting regional connectivity and integration. The Health Silk Road is also playing an increasingly important role in the “Belt and Road Initiative” following the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19. Kenya is China's comprehensive strategic cooperative partner in Africa and a model country for China-Africa cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative. 

Kenya is a promising market for medical devices and has been ranked as one of the fastest growing markets in the sub-Saharan Africa region according to Fitch and World Bank reports. However, the medical device sector is heavily reliant on imports with limited domestic production due to limited manufacturing infrastructure and technical capacity as well as lack of access to raw materials. As Kenya continues to meet the growing demand for modern healthcare solutions, the growth of this market offers new cooperation opportunities for Chinese companies in the dynamic African market. Chinese market share for medical devices sales in Kenya was taking the first at the end of 2021.  

During COVID-19 breakout, ANKE sent to epidemic areas 200+ CT machines to assist in the battlefield to Corona virus. ANKE is a professional medical device manufacturer specialized in medical imaging and radiology. As a pioneer and trailblazer of Chinese medical equipment industry, ANKE has always been committed to providing quality medical imaging equipment solutions and quality services.

In this bright summer, ANKE's team had successfully installed 2 Precision Platform’s CT machines --- ANATOM 64Clarity & ANATOM Precision in Kenya. 


ANKE’s Precision Platform includes 4 models, which are ANATOM 16HD, ANATOM 64Clarity, ANATOM 64Precision, and ANATOM Precision. 




We were honored to welcome the new Governor of Machakos County to visit the first 64-slice CT in Machakos's public hospital

ANATOM 64Clarity is the emerging future of disease diagnosis and treatment based on individual patient information which has the latest new generation OptiWave detector and innovative precision fast scanning technology. They are combined with Admir3D iterative technology to achieve lower dose and consumption but higher image quality. 

Also, the Admir3D applies mathematical and physics models to accurately construct and describe the signal’s quantum characteristics. 

What's more striking is that the AccuTilt dual-mode gantry tilt technology provides digital and mechanical tilt to accommodate different user habits and clinical needs.

Meanwhile, ANKE refreshed a new record in Kenya. Kenya's first 128-slice CT was successfully installed on the early summer.




ANATOM Precision is a high-end and AI fully powered intelligent 128-slice CT scanner. It features comprehensive clinical applications from routine to cardiac imaging, especially advanced spectrum imaging which allows you conduct high-level applications and delivers you more confidence in diagnoses compared with traditional CT scanner. 

Until now, ANKE had already installed lots of imaging products in Kenya. These products have measurably enhanced patient access for Kenya’s citizens, including better equipment, innovative treatment therapies and new information technology systems. Thanks to this improved infrastructure, Kenya hospitals have also improved efficiency and accuracy, while also reducing costs.

History bears witness to the friendship between China and Africa that stand together in weal. In the future, as a pioneer and trailblazer in China's medical device industry, ANKE will provide quality services and products to deepen cooperation and actively implement the “Belt and Road Initiative”, also commit to providing health services for all human beings.


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