Early summer memories with CCR in Colombia


The 46th Colombia Congress of Radiology (CCR) was held in Cartagena, a charming Colombian city. CCR is the association for the specialty of radiology and diagnostic imaging in Colombia and one of the most representative in Latin America. 

From May 19th to 21st , the convention brings together over 100 radiologists, radiology residents, and other medical professionals from across the country to share knowledge and best practices in the field of radiology.  


As one of the pioneers in China’s high-end medical imaging equipment industry, ANKE has always adhered to the development strategy of independent innovation and customer-centric. We participated in the spirit of respecting radiation technology and experts, showcasing our latest products and technologies and discussing the latest technologies and achievements with participants.

In the center of CCR’s exhibition hall, we showed our full range of products. Our CT products attracted a lot of attention. Many people came to the ANKE’s booth to learn about our CT -- ANATOM S800 and took photos.

ANATOM 800 is a brand new premium & all-purpose 256-slice CT fully powered by AI. Also it's the convergence of our passion and vision to deliver extraordinary technologies. It was designed to take this CT to the next level for your high-performance clinical needs, which has "8 cm" wide coverage new generation OptiWaveTM detector, tailored premium HV generator and X-ray tube for spectral imaging, ultra-fast rotation speed of 0.256 seconds/360 degrees, Admir3D iterative reconstruction and Artist Al assisted with deep learning, etc.             

In the near future, we will set up branches in Colombia and even around the world to provide local medical institutions with professional products, as well as local services to meet the needs of local people.

As one of the honorable trailblazers of China’s radiological imaging industry, ANKE will continue to actively participate in various overseas business with our mission to provide health services for all human-beings with science and technology.